Research and Production Laser Center TECHNIKA


Research and Production Laser Center " TECHNIKA " was founded in 1991 , develops, manufactures and sells medical equipment.
Principal activities :
- Development of new models of medical equipment ;
- Manufacture of advanced laser therapy devices ;
- Sale of medical equipment ;
- Warranty and post warranty repair equipment manufactured NPLTS "Technology ";
- Organizing and conducting in conjunction with leading medical institutions in regular workshops and seminars for practitioners ;
Over the years the "Techniques " team of highly qualified design engineers , in close collaboration with physicians leading centers in the field of laser medicine were created by several generations of low-intensity laser therapy devices ( ALT) - a series of common laser therapy devices Mustang 016 Mustang 017 Mustang -022 , 024 , Mustang , Mustang- 026 and biocontrolled options, and since 2000 a series of ALT -2000 Mustang .
Currently NPLC "Technica" produces:
- A series of magnetic- therapy devices Mustang 2000 + - model one, two and four-channel , with the ability to control music and Organic
Devices of this range is effectively used as practitioners and academic staff to develop new guidelines . Laser therapeutic device Mustang 2000 + is the latest development and its parameters is unique ;
- A series of devices mulatto intravenous laser irradiation of blood ( VLOK ) and LED laser radiation of different wavelengths - from infrared to ultraviolet
- Fibers for disposable sterile intravenous laser irradiation of blood KIVL -02;
- A portable device magnitolazernoj therapy Ant for personal use ;
- Multifunctional physio- therapeutic complex Mustang cosmetologist , widely used in cosmetology for preventive and therapeutic procedures on health and rejuvenation of the skin ;
- Multifunction electrotherapy Mustang- physio- MELT
Own production allows the company to respond quickly to market demands and the needs of both individual and bulk buyers . Dealer flexible discount system .